Why 3dASAP? ...3dASAP cares!

    • Founded to serve Non-Profit Organizations in 2002
    • Proven dedication to the long term success of the NAMI Affiliates and the National Office
    • Full service provider focused on serving all your print and promotional needs
    • Provides leading edge technology to provide low cost solutions at the highest quality
    • We take pride in delivering classic, professional customer service with a smile

Our NAMI Story

The Beginning

In 2000, our president had a family member receive a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. As for most of us involved with NAMI, it is in knowing and caring for another that we start on the journey to gain knowledge and understanding.

Meeting NAMI

NAMI was the only organization that listened. Our president became active in NAMI Austin participating in support groups, taking the Family to Family course, becoming a trained facilitator and eventually joining the NAMI Austin Board as Vice President of Publiciity. It was during this multi-year tenure that the organization's need a strong brand and successful funding was apparent. Brand Development depends a lot on print and promotional products, so in addition to creating and managing a successful annual event, building the first NAMI Austin website, we also became their marketing partner.

Highlights through the Years

The 3dASAP relationship was built through the grassroots network within the NAMI Affiliates. One Affiliate at a time.

By 2003, 3dASAP began operating a website for the affiliates to reduce design and print cost for all the Affiliates. NAMI was not charged for this technology and pays no hosting, development an maintainence fees to this day.

In 2004, we attended our first NAM National event and the word spread quickly of our services around the country. We have set up a booth with affordable products at every National Conference since. Sometimes having as many as 6 tables filled with value priced products of excellent quality.

Beginning in 2005, 3dASAP was awarded our first National NAMI Contract as the official vendor for NAMIWalks T-shirts and Walker Prizes. 3dASAP has been the chosen vendor for NAMIWalks ever since, managing the NAMIWalks Prizes every year and managing the official event T-shirts for 5 years. (most recently in 2010)

2007 was the year that 3dASAP's service was recognized by NAMI National by awarding us the Nationally Preferred Marketing Vendor. At this time, a complete redesign of our 3dASAP NAMI website was provided probono to enhance our ability to serve the nation. We became a permanent fixture on NAMI.org as the NAMI Store.

2010 marked the launch of the INKitz technology that was specifically designed to assist NAMI in raising more funds through the NAMIWalks event. Team t-shirts increase fundraising, we made it easier for everyone.

Today, we have once again revamped the NAMIStore to pull together the latest technolgy and provide an upgraded appearance that supports our new tagline. "A caring conversation can change everything. Branded products start a conversation." It is certainly a documented fact that most nonprofit participation (funding, volunteers, etc.) is based on that initial conversation. "What's NAMI?" should be music to your ears, 3dASAP makes sure the question is asked.

The future is very bright for our national collaboration with NAMI National. We are just getting started. Soon, single piece items will be customizable in NAMIStore.com, including t-shirts, banners, awards and other predesigned but customizable items. In addition, nationwide fundraising ideas and product lines are on the horizon.